The great family of all the GAUDEL

Robert VAUGHN, movie and télévision actor



Robert VAUGHN belongs to the Montigny branch.

His family became American when in 1831 Jean François GAUDEL arrived in New-York, America.

Robert VAUGHN, born in 1932 in New York, has only a few months when his parents divorce.

That is why he spent his youth in Minneapolis, raised by his mother, the stage actress Marcella GAUDEL, and his maternal grand parents.

Its true affective roots are French, in Lorraine.

He studied journalism at the University of Minnesota, and earned a diploma in Political Science at the State College of Los Angeles. He gets married to actress Linda STAAB in1974, and they later adopt two children.

A few days of his 84 years, suffering from leukemia, Robert died on Friday November 11, 2016 in Danbury, Connecticut.

He was the last of the "Magnificent Seven".

I had the pleasure of exchanging a few letters with Robert, when I introduced him to his ancestors from Lorraine, came to America in 1831. He had been filled to discover this unknown story from him. I carefully preserved these handwritten letters, filled with humanity, generosity and simplicity.



He began working in the movies in 1956 with a minor part beside Charlton HESTON and Yul BRYNNER in "The Ten Commandments", directed by Cecil B. De MILLE.

In 1960, he plays Lee beside Yul BRYNNER, Steve McQUEEN, and Eli WALLACH in "The Magnificent Seven", a western of John STURGES.

The same year, he earns a nomination to the Oscars for his performance in "The Young Philadelphians", with Paul NEWMAN and director Vincent SHERMAN.

From 1964 to 1968, he becomes well known thanks to the television serie " The Man from U.N.C.L.E. " , where he plays the part of Napoléon SOLO , besides David McCALLUM as Ilya KURYAKIN and Leo G. CARROLL as Alexander WAVERLY , and gets a nomination for the "Golden Globe Awards".

In 1968, Robert VAUGHN plays the part of an ambitious politician in "BULLITT" , with Steve McQUEEN.

   At the same time, he is politically very active in the Democratic Party.

In 1972, he publishes "Only Victims", an important book about the witch hunts in Hollywood in the Mac CARTHY era.

 At the 2004 Monte-Carlo Television Festival, he was a contender for the "Nymphe d'Or du Meilleur Film de Television" , for the television serie Hustle, in which he plays the part of Albert STROLLER, with partners Mickey 'Bricks' STONE as Adrian LESTER and Danny BLUE as Marc WARREN.